Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

In the current terms and conditions, the renter is the person renting the vehicle while the rental company is titled as POWER LINK LIMOUSINE (company).


Important Note!

Anyone, renter or any other person, using our services in any capacity is bound to accept and follow these terms and conditions. If you do not follow these terms and conditions, please do not use our services in any capacity. POWER LINK LIMOUSINE reserves al the rights to modify, change or cancel any or all of these terms and conditions without prior notice to users of services. We hope you Will cooperate with us to ensuring best car services as usual.

Always On-Time

Our luxury limousine service is always on time and if you find us more than 15 minutes late, we will offer you a free ride. To qualify for this facility, you must make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. However, we can not guarantee the same if the weather is not suitable. Covers base fare value up to $100, and excludes tolls, tips and surcharges.

Corporate Discount 20% off on First Ride

You can get a 20% off for your first ride. To qualify, a valid appointment has been set up to discuss the setting up of a corporate account. Discount is applicable to an airport sedan reservation and will be applied as a discount on the second months invoice.

Flight Information

You must inform the company about your flight details and the estimated arrival time. If you do not provide the company with these details, we will never take any responsibility of offer compensation for a failed rental.


It is advised to make a reservation in advance. It will help you find a vehicle of your choice. We also offer vehicles on short notice. All reservations are based on a vehicle category and not a certain car model. In case of no availability for a confirmed reservation, POWER LINK LIMOUSINE reserves the right to offer a vehicle of bigger category to the customer with no extra charge.


At the time of making a booking, a deposit is required. The full payment is required after the ride completion. We accept all types of credit and debit cards.

Numbers of Passengers

All vehicles are insured for the appropriate maximum number of passengers. Please ensure that you choose a vehicle suitable for the size of your party.

No Shows

If you are unable to locate your driver at airport or any other pick up point, please contact us , we will guide you to your chauffeur. If you do not call the dispatch office, you will have to pay the rent or a no-show fee. On the other hand, if you do not arrive at the picking point, chauffeur will wait up to 60 mins For airport and train station pickups, After that we will try to connect with you via your personal mobile number, house phone number or the number of person you mentioned during booking your order. If we do not receive any response from your side, the vehicle will be released and you will have to pay a full no-show fee and any other waiting charges. If you want the chauffeur to wait for you, you will have to call the office to authorize the chauffeur. If we do not hear from you after the time frame, we will contact you again, if no contact is made you will get billed for the ride plus the waiting time. Therefore A "No Show" fee is equal to the trip cost plus applicable wait time fee will be charged when the passenger fails to arrive at the designated location. If you can not find your driver, please contact us to avoid no-show fee.

Damages Resulting From Your Act

You are responsible to return vehicle in its normal condition. Any damage occurred to the vehicle due to you is your responsibility. You also agree and acknowledge paying all the related fees and charges to get the vehicle back to its normal working condition.

Credit Card Transactions:

We only take authorization of credit card to confirm the availability of the funds and if you will check your statement, it will show is pending funds. The authorization amount is generally higher than the agreed rent. It is because you can make stop over during the ride or you can change or modify the destination. In such cases, we will then charge your card after the trip has been completed. All receipts are sent by email.

Dispute Resolution

Corporate clients with valid corporate accounts can make the payments upon receiving the receipts. If they find anything not correct, please make sure to file complain within 10 days from the invoice date. If you find anything wrong, please send us the copies of receipts or invoices via mail or fax, and indicate the issues on the receipts or invoices. If you raise a dispute after the time allotted, you will have to pay all the bills.

If you are an individual client, all bills charged to your credit card will be considered final and payable unless you make a written complain within days of issuance of the bill or invoice. Copies of credit card slips or vouchers or credit card statement should be mailed o faxed and indicate the disputed or wrong payments. All disputes initiated after the allowed time frame period will be considered final and non refundable.

Collection Fee

You agree to pay all legal counseling fees, litigation fees, legal fees, costs, accounting fees, expenses and disbursements for all actions taken prior to, during and subsequent to the initiation of legal proceedings to collect payments due in cases of non-payment.

Rate Charges

POWER LINK LIMOUSINE reserves the right to change any rates for services, fee or for any other expense. In this respect, company's decision will be final.

Itemized Invoices

For Corporate clients with established corporate accounts, Itemized invoices will be sent regularly on a net 10 (Every 15 or 30 days).

For Individual accounts and personal profiles, Itemized invoices are sent only when requested.

Payment Due Date

For corporate clients, all the invoices should be cleared within 15 days of issuance of invoices, unless stated in the contract. After that, if they fail to clear the invoices, interest charges of %18 yearly or %1.5 monthly will be charged.

For personal profiles or individual accounts, all the payments must be cleared immediately after the completion of the ride. If you are using credit card, final bill will be charged to your card after the completion of the ride.

Point To Point Fare

The company calculates fares according to the zones and mileage. We offer special discounts to corporate if they reach the minimum mileage usage designated to them. For special price, you can consult our sales representatives.

Hourly Rates

Each hour including 25 km driving

Extend hour will be extra charge

Extend driving distance will be extra charge

Waiting Time

For airport and train station pickups, you have a complimentary wait time of 60 minutes.

For other pickups, a 15 minutes grace time is given and after that, we will start charging the client. For train and sea port pickups, no waiting time is given because we can not monitor the schedule of train arrivals. We hope you Will cooperate with us.


If you want to make a stop during the ride, the price may vary. To get the correct quote, please call our customer support. However, courtesy stops like sopping to collect mail; coffee or newspaper does not incur extra charges. However, if you want to make multiple or longer stops, you will be charged extra bill. Picking up additional passengers will also incur stop charges.


Tolls is included in the charges

Meet Greet

Meet and greet service is available at extra charges. The chauffeur will wait for the passenger at the exit gate or customs exit point with a sign that has his or her last name on it. After that, the driver will escort the passenger to the vehicle and also provide assistance with the luggage.

Parking Fee

All parking fee is included in the charges


Gratuity is included in the charges

Baby Seats

We can arrange the baby seats upon request.

Holiday Surcharges

Holiday and Severe Weather surcharge may be applied to trips occurring on:

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Christmas Day

Fourth of July

Thanksgiving Day