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Smart Employee Shuttles

 Contact: MD. SHAFIQ ☎ +974 3005 0493

Smart Employee Shuttles

Our Long-Term Shuttle Services for Smart Employee

Beyond one-and-done trips and short-term rentals, Powerlink offers long-term contracts for ongoing smart employee shuttles service.

Commuter shuttles are known to help reduce traffic and improve your employees’ productivity once they reach the office. Think about it—with a commuter shuttle at their disposal, they can spend less time stressing over traffic, and more time catching up on emails while on the road (You want WiFi? We can get you WiFi).

Call ☎ +974 30050493 today to reach our long-term reservation team, and let Powerlink Charters be your provider of safe and efficient daily shuttle services to your office!

An Alternative to Public or Privat Transportation

With a private shuttle bus service, you don’t just get to determine where your shuttle goes and when it arrives. You also have control over how often surfaces are sanitized, how far apart your employees must sit, and what safety precautions everybody must take to prioritize the health of your employees. No matter how many people you need to shuttle, Powerlink Limousine will be your provider of safe, reliable transportation you can count on.


CFS Trucking company

Call ☎ +974 55291637 
Doha CFS Trucking company Qatar

We are the best (Container Freight Station) CFS Trucking company in Qatar, CFS Shipping (Container Freight Station) is seeing a significant increase in demand because of smaller and more specific consignments, rising demand for e-commerce, and the overall growth of less-then-a-containerload (CFS) shipments.

We are able to provide inland Trucking services across the Qatar region. Our extensive fleet of vehicles and the diverse experience of our professionals enable us to provide each and every customer with the solutions that fit his needs. Business networking and partnerships with multinational corporations in the field allow us the creation of complete CFS Trucking solutions. We are licensed to transport hazardous materials and heavy project cargo.


Passenger land Transport

Passenger land Transport

Public transport of passengers is characterized by scheduled services on fixed routes. How these fleets are managed has an impact on your satisfaction. we are here for yours

Fleet management of passenger land transport is used to monitor the execution of predefined routes by assigned buses, coaster, minibus. This includes monitoring departure and arrival times, notifying employees of expected work times, as well as monitoring driving behavior.

Fleet management therefore has a strong impact on your service and safety, as well as on the reduction of fuel costs, by avoiding aggressive driving styles.

Best Rent a Car & Buses hire Deals in Doha Qatar Whatsapp ☎ +974 30050493.

Our Company Provides 7 Seats, 14 Seaters, 25 Seats, 30 Seats and 50 Seats Luxury Vans and Minibuses for Rent with Drivers,

Our Passenger land Transport Service are:

Transportation: City Tour & Picnic,

Transportation: Family, Tourist,

Transportation: 1day 2-day trip,

Transportation: Hotel Staff,

Transportation: Bank Staff, school

Transportation: Pick and drop,

Transportation: Airport pick and drop,

Transportation: Passenger pick and drop,

Transportation: Hotel's guest transport.

Transportation: your complete transport solution provider.

Van and Minibuses rental services on a Daily, weekly & monthly basis with drivers.


Commercial motor vehicles

Commercial motor vehicles

Our dedicated team supports, providing inland transportation services with commercial motor vehicles across the Qatar region. That's service support to moving your employee accommodation to your Organization/Industry/School meantime which suppose to growth business.

If you are looking for Commercial motor vehicles? Here we are! Our goal is to provide our clientele with an affordable quality chauffeur transport service built upon trust and honesty.

Contact: SHAFIQ ☎ +974 30050493,

Commercial motor vehicle means a passenger vehicle that has seats for more than nine passengers in addition to the driver, any road tractor, any truck tractor, or any truck having two or more axles which passenger vehicle, road tractor, truck tractor, or truck is propelled on the public highways by either motor fuel or special fuel. “Commercial motor vehicle” does not include a motor truck with a combined gross weight of fewer than twenty-six thousand pounds, operated as a part of an identifiable one-way fleet and which is leased for less than thirty days to a lessee for the purpose of moving property which is not owned by the lessor.

Commercial motor vehicles also include exceptionally heavy vehicles and those that carry large numbers of passengers. The USDOT designates vehicles as commercial if they are: designed to carry more than 15 passengers, greater in weight than 10000 pounds with a towed unit or units’ total weight to 26,001 pounds, or weighing greater than 26,001 pounds on its own. Additionally, any vehicles that are used to transport industrial, organization employees to the workplace.




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